Hrithik Roshan surprises audience with a red polka

Mumbai: The Bollywood actor Hrothik Roshan managed to make quite an effect on the audience as he appeared in a red polka dot shirt from the 1970s at a press conference where he made the announcement regarding his debut in the television reality show called Just Dance at the Filmistan Studios on Mumbai this week.  

The 37 years old actor really made the delight of the viewers thanks to its outfit that presented him as a Bollywood super star from a few decades back. This was mostly due to the fact that the B-town celebrity decided to wear his dapper grey suit with his big collar polka dot shirt.

We have to mention the fact that even though the event was scheduled to take place at 3pm, the Bollywood super star made his appearance at 5:15pm. But thanks to his incredible charm and to a few extraordinary dance moves, the viewers forgive him for this unwanted delay. We have to consider that maybe he was late because it take a while to create such an outfit.

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