Imaad to stay away from Commercial Films

Bollywood and commercial films go hand in hand. One cannot imagine a Bolly star not doing a commercial film and yet we have one who seems not too keen on doing commercial films. Star son Imaad achieved fame with ‘Dil Dosti Etc’, but he rather prefers being off the limelight. Imaad the son of veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah made quite some name with his the film and could have taken the short cut via commercial films.

The fresher at present only has two films to his credit, i.e. ‘Yun Hota To Kya Hota’ and ‘Dil Dosti Etc’. Imaad is one of the actors who do not like their personal lives socialized all over page 3 and thus prefers keeping a low profile.

The actor is a firm believer that there is quite a lot of unharnessed talent beyond the scenario of commercial cinemas and that it should be promoted at par with commercials. A PTI report quoted him saying, “I don’t want to do commercial films, I want to promote independent cinema. There are a lot of talented directors out there to work with.”

The actor who is now 24 years by age just had his latest release in the form of ‘404’, a psychological thriller. In the movie Imaad plays a college senior. The directors of the movie NIshikant Kamat and Satish Kaushik have done an excellent job in this movie.

Imaad feels his father is the harshest of critics he has and he has to strive hard to live up to his expectations, “He is quite a harsh critic with everybody and applies the same with me too. So, I always feel I have to meet the standards that he has set. But I take it in a positive way and as a challenge to always do good work.”

The actor also has a passion for music and made his debut as a music director with ‘404’. He also has a band by the name of ‘The Pulp Society.’ It seems Imaad is not only trying to boost his career as an actor but also as a music director. He has already signed a few deals with his band. Let’s hope the son does as well as his father.

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