Imran, Aamir Khan together on screen for the first time

Mumbai: The most recent trailer made of the film ‘Delhi Belly’ is set to come out on the 19th of July and for the very first time will bring together the Bollywood celebrities Imran and Aamir Khan. The trailer in question was filmed by the director Abhhinay Deo a few days ago and the buzz in the Bollywood film industry is that the work of the director is set to raise more eyebrows that any other project that Abh directed.

According to a source, it seems that Aamir Khan wants to be sure that everyone understands that the movie production ‘Delhi Belly’ is not made for the squeamish of the purists. It seems that the Bollywood celebrity wants to make sure that the movie production in question will definitely represent the ultimate culture shock for his fans.

The same sources wanted to add that the film is actually lots of fun. Still it seems that will in fact surprise – or better said will shock – Imran’s fans as well as Aamir’s fans as well. As you know Aamir was always a no nonsense guardian figure to the younger Imran, and now with this film he will be seen letting off a ‘chain of maa-bahen gaalis in front of Aamir is quite an aesthetic shock.’

The rumors are than Imran was rather afraid to use the maa-bahen language in front of Aamir, but Aamir simply told he that he should relax and simply let it go. Everyone from the sets is more than sure that when the viewers will absolutely surprised with the results.

Well, these are indeed some very interesting news. After all, no one would have probably imagined that Aamir and Imran will appear in such a way. We are sure looking forward for the release of the film production ‘Delhi Belly’.

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