Imran Khan and Avantika Malik get married

Mumbai: The current popular boy of B-town is none other than Imran Khan. The latest buzz in the film industry is related to the upcoming marriage between Imran Khan and Avantika Malik. They have been dating from quite some time know and they have decided that it is time to make it official.

Even though the actor is breaking many hearts in the entire country, he will be marring his fiancé on the 8th of January. Source close to the actor have said that the party guest list will include only the closest friends of the couple and the family, of course. The bash will be held at Malik’s farmhouse in Karjat.

The wedding invitation have managed to got the attention of guest, as they are not traditional paper cards, but are made up by two boxes, one with a chocolate in it, and the other with a diary, a pin wheel which works as a card. Let’s hope that the party will turn out to be just as exciting as the invitation.

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