Imran Khan buys on credit

Mumbai: The Bollywood actor Imran Khan could have zero money in his account and could still purchase whatever he wants. From what we have been able to find out he is actually a person that likes to buy everything on credit, so much that the actor does not even have money in his wallet all the time. He is what you could say a habitual creditor.

According to a reliable source, the actor was a person who hates to carry money on him even from his childhood days. Apparently his wallet is constantly not there with the actor or if he does have it on him, it is empty. It seems that when he was growing up, Imran Khan was so famous that he could simply go in any store and buy all that he wanted without having any money on him. Later on, someone from his family would simply take care of the charge. So Imran could get everything he needed without worrying that he did not have money on him.

“As he grew up, he would do this more often. But now it is has become a habit. Every time he fills petrol at the Bandra petrol pump he signals to pay later and everyone is just aware. They simply understand that Imran’s not going to pay right now and it will add to his credit as usual. One of his boys then goes and clears all the payment or it gets cleared by them coming and collecting,” said our source.

It seems that many, if not all the dinner in Bandra know Imran Khna’s habit so they allow him to get things on credit. When asked to comment this, Imran said that in the end everyone gets paid by his staff. “I am a total believer of udaar walas and believe in living in full on credit,” he added.

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