Imran Khan caught in the women compartment

Mumbai: The Bollywood super star Imran Khan has experienced quite an unexpected situation on Valentine’s Day. From what we were able to find out, it appears that the B-town super star was engaged in the filming of a commercial exactly on the 14th of February. The scene he was about to do was supposed to take place in a train station. The filming for the commercial was scheduled to take place on a special train, but things did not worked out as they were supposed to, so the producers decided to shoot it using a local train.

We understood that Imran Khan was meant to be presented running to catch the train. So he did, but as soon as he managed to get on the train, Imran saw that he was in a women compartment. Considering that it was a day with a special meaning – Valentine’s Day – we can say that all of the ladies on the train got quite a pleasant surprise. Even Imran mentioned that the entire experience was an enjoyable one.

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