Imran Khan likes curvy women

Mumbai: This past decade there has been quite madness amongst the Bollywood actresses to lose weight and adopt the size zero. Every respected actress or celebrity in the film industry of tinsel town – and all around the globe we may add – has been interested in getting thinner, as the size zero is rather appreciated by people.

However we have to say that to our surprise, there is still someone in the film industry of Bollywood who does not appreciate the size zero. This is none other the young actor Imran Khan. In a recent interview, the celebrity spoken for the very first time about the women he likes. According to him, “Most of the women don’t know how to flatter their bodies. Choosing the right fit is a must when wearing jeans. I am not a great admirer of size-zero figures. I like curves on a woman as it really flatters her body.”

The tinsel town actor Imran Khan who is still getting benefits from his success film production, also has recently started his personal clothing line, so the super star is attempting to spread around the idea of style using this fashion venture he started. When talking about this subject, the actor wanted to say that “This new line has my personal touch. It’s me in every way, is casual and comfortable. I feel that fashion should speak about your personality.”

For the time being, the young actor from tinsel town is more than happy about the response that his film project is getting from the audience and mostly his item number called D. K. Bose, which has really turned into the new national anthem – and that says it all. Well, we sure hope that the clothing line that the actor started will be at least as successful as his latest production.

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