Imran’s No to Arjun Rampal’s Offer

It has been turned to be series of refusal to Arjun Rampal. After Sonam Kapoor now it is Imran Khan who has refused to play a part in the upcoming venture of Arjun Rampal named ‘Love to Hate You’. It is like Imran Khan is frightened to get in front of his hater. According to sources it was heard that the organizers were buzzing around Imran Khan to be a part of the show. But the offer was thrashed by the bollywood Chocolate boy Imran Khan.

Like other bollywood stars it has been discovered that the actor was felling uncomfortable while meeting his hater and preceding the talks. After his Mamu (Amir Khan) he has obtained the place of chocolate boy in the entire industry. Therefore unlike other stars of bollywood he would be happier to meet his fans rather than with them, whom he hates.Earlier Sonam Kapoor was not interested to be a part of ‘ Love to Hate You’ and didn’t participated.

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