Irrfan Khan and his smoking issues

Mumbai: There are quite a few actors in the Bollywood entertainment industry that have the bad habit of smoking and Irrfan Khan is no exception from that. He first started to smoke while he was preparing for his very first play and since then he has continued on this path. But now it seems that the Bollywood actor is more than determined to put an end to this.

He even calls his habit of smoking his biggest disappointment. Irrfan Khan has always confessed of being a chain smoker and told us that he started doing this during his first play because his character was requested to smoke. Because he wanted it to be natural he got the habit without wanting it.

Playing in the film ‘In Treatment’ taught the actor to role on his own cigarettes, as the character he played use to do that. Now he is determined to fight as he had enough of it. We really hope that the actor Irrfan Khan will managed to rich his goals.

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