Irrfan Khan as Spiderman villain

The Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan has received a great proposal from the Spiderman team to play the role of a villain in their next movie production. Despite the fact that it is a breakthrough for the world mass, his admirers in India and out of the country are in a cluttering state if he might as well have affirmed quite a role or not. As far as the actor is concerned, this part in the film can be a lottery to him.

He had always had the dream of getting such a role, and this is not only good to him, but to the film crew and Hollywood as well, as he is a very gifted actor. In the Spiderman movie, Irrfan Khan will be playing the part of the villain called Van Atter who in the film is getting transformed into Goblin.

Sources have stated that the role of his wife could by cast to actress Annie Parisse. Khan is very excited about this project and cannot wait to start the filming.

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