Is Salman Khan in it just for publicity?

Salman Khan is known for his charitable work in the society, dedicated almost all his free time to help those in need. Sure, we cannot deny that the actor has done many great things for people who needed it, but was it all for the sake of publicity? We would think that a man with Salman’s talent does not need this kind of things, but who can ever be sure?

The latest buzz in Bollywood is that Salman Khan is now in trouble for helping someone. It seems that the actor has been meeting with a disabled fan, and that person now claims Salman is only doing it for publicity.

On Saturday, a notice was issued to Salman by the Bombay High Court, as the fan, Phoolbanoo Bakshi Ilahi claims moral damages of Rs. 25 lakh from the actor. The reason of the petition appears to be a photograph that appeared in the press in Mumbai. The picture was showing the actor and the petitioner, and it would really help with the promotion of Salman’s latest film, “Veer”.

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