Is Salman ‘Ready’ to take off the slapstick tag?

Mumbai: Very rarely has a movie production which has the great actor Sally playing one of the leading roles failed to do well at the box office. And now the Bollywood super star is once again in the centre of attention with his new movie production ‘Ready’ which is set to be released on floors on Friday. There is no surprise to anyone that the actor wants to remain on the same lucky stream with this upcoming romantic comedy.

It really appears that the 46 years old actor has never been in such a good spot regarding his career so far. The last years and this year so far, the Bollywood celebrity has managed to maintain his positions as one of the most appreciated actor. No the mention the fact that his production were quite a hit at the box office. Even his ‘Being Human’ campaign has gone a lot better than anyone has ever expected. Therefore we are really expecting a sizzling summer for the actor.

From what we have been able to find out it seems that on an international level, the rights for the upcoming production called ‘Ready’ have sold out for the outstanding amount of Rs 55 crore, if we are going to believe the media reports. Besides the super star Salman Khan the production in question also stars the celebrities Asin Thottumkal, Arya Babbar, Paresh Rawal and Manesh Manjrekar.

In spite of the fact that the actor started his career as an action hero he later on matured into delicate performance oriented roles. The Bollywood super star Sallu Khan is fast slotting as a humor super star with parody action scenes and Rajinikanth-styled chats which are meant to draw screech at semi-urban and rural screenings. However the fact remains that Salman is one of the most wholesome entertainers in the industry.

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