Is Salman Writing Dabangg 2?

Salman is already making a lot of news with the kind of movies that he is doing and therefore he is dominating the Bollywood brigade at the moment. Salman is probably the only actor in Bollywood who is making waves with the kind of action movies that are being offered to him. Great movies like Wanted gave Salman the kind of action movies that people want to see and soon after Wanted Salman knew what audiences want from him and he is doing exactly what the audience want which is why most of his recent movies are blockbusters. 

After Wanted, it was Dabangg that not only launched Salman as Robinhood Pandey but it also became the launchpad for Sonakshi Sinha who is making news in her own way. However, people appreciated the kind of role that Salman did in Dabangg and the movie also received many awards including National Award as well. Although, Ready did not do much on the box office, there are chances that Bodyguard might have some kind of response from the audiences all over India and abroad. However, there is news that Salman is now scripting Dabangg 2 keeping in mind the success it received a year ago.

However, Salman has denied that news that he is scripting Dabangg 2. He said that he is currently too busy with shooting for the upcoming films like Ek Tha Tiger and Sher Khan and therefore he does not have enough time to look for the Dabangg 2 script. However, he did mentioned that Arbaaz will do the scripting of the sequel because he is really good at it. Salman also has other projects in the line up as producer but at the moment nothing has been confirmed and Salman has decided to keep things in the closet for the time being.

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