Jackie Shroff wants to play Salim

Present today in Mumbai, the Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff spoke with IANS. The actor became famous as he has played a variety of roles in many different films throughout his career, going on for more than three decades. The actor spoke of the films he likes and loved to play in, as well as films and roles he would like to interpret, and complete his array of roles.

The actor is very content with the evolution of his career, and feels happy about the roles he has performed so far. He says there are no things he regrets or things he would have done differently in his life. He does, however, have a strong wish. This is to play the part of prince Salim in a remake after the famous film “Mughal-e-Azam”. The film was indeed very appreciated at its release in 1960, and the character Salim, portrayed by the veteran actor Dilip Kumar in the original film, was quite intriguing and left a strong impression on Jackie.

If there ever will be such a remake, Jackie will surely be considered.

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