Jism 2 – Emraan or John

Jism was one movie which created new barriers for ‘bold’ in Bollywood. And the Bhatt’s are planning the sequel of the same. Anticipations are that the movie will be as popular as the original Bollywood flick.

The moment Bhatt’s announced the sequel eyes started revolving around the star-cast of the much awaited flick. When Bhatt’s announced plans for next in the series of ‘Jism’, one of the first names that came to mind of many out there was Emraan Hashmi. The reasons quoted were simple enough. The actor has been performing extremely well for the past sometime. Emraan seems to be doing too good with films made by his uncles/mentors production house. Movie franchises like ‘Raaz’, ‘Murder’, and the recent addition ‘Jannat’ speak of the milestones that Emraan has achieved. Speculations of Imraan’s slipping into Jism 2 ran far and wide. The chances were only strenghened when Imran’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’ rolled high at the box-office. The success further opened opportunities for the star to sign up for movies outside the Vishesh Productions banner.

Sources said that his recent success had made the Bhatt’s seriously consider him for ‘Jism 2’. However, it seems that there has been a recent change in the sequence of events. The makers now are towing John Abraham for the role and the possibility now is high of John being finalized for the role.

The film’s leading lady is go be finalized as soon as writer Shagufta Rafique and director Pooja Bhatt are done fine tuning the film’s script. A source claimed that irrespective of the fact whether John is part of the film or not it is quite certain that Emraan is not going to be there in this sequel. There might be rumors looming at large about the Bhatt’s being confused between their blue eyed boy Emraan and John a source close to Imraan clarified that the actor is least interested in this franchise.

However, contrary to rumors making the rounds that there was indeed a
toss up between Emraan Hashmi and John Abraham for ‘Jism 2′, the fact
remains that Bhatts’ blue eyed boy is himself least interested in
stepping into this franchise. According to the source the actor does not want to indulge in too many erotic films in a year. With him being the default choice for ‘Murder’ it would be too much of a mismatch if Imraan decided on doing ‘Jism’ as well.

Besides the actor seems pretty tied up with franchises like ‘Jannat’ and others. It seems he had too much of work load in hand to do a role in ‘Jism’. When contacted for comment Emraan clarified that he will not be a part of ‘Jism’ but did not give a reason why.

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