John Abraham severely injured while jumping from a goods train

The Dhoom actor was severely injured while shooting for Vipul Shah’s next movie “Force” as he was attempting to jump from a moving goods train to another for an action sequence.

According to those present on the spot the stunt required him to land on his feet after jumping but instead he lost his balance and fell on a heap of stones which were lying in the compartment. John was seriously injured as he received more than forty injury marks along with several scratched on his back. Both Vipul Shah and director Nishikanth Kamath had their heart in their mouth when they saw the actor fall as they feared that his spinal cord may have been damaged but luckily the injuries were minor.

The actor’s save from major injuries was attributed to his fitness and well toned body which shielded his internal organs from major impact when he hit the stones.

Shooting for Force has not been a very pleasant experience for the actor as he was injured last December as well as Film City when he tore his ligament and suffered from excruciating pain for several weeks.

Well all fans are hoping for his quick recovery and wish him best of luck.



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