John Abraham to appear on TV!

According to the latest rumours doing rounds of Bollywood the next actor to be approached for appearing on tv is non other than the Dhoom star John Abraham. He has been asked to appear on the desi version of the hit reality series Survivors. The show will be appearing on the Indian television in a couple of months and a number of Bollywood personalities have been asked to feature in it.

Apart from John the other names being considered for the show are Arjun Rampal and Ajay Devgan. According to a source, “The channel’s considering these two stars as well, to host the show. It’s after all the biggest show for them.” Also Ajay Devgan has made his foray in to the TV industry before as a judge on Rock and Roll Family with his wife Kajol  and mother in law Tanuja.

Survivors will be about a group of people marooned on an island who will get voted out as the show goes on. It is America’s biggest reality tv series as it has garnered millions of fans nationally and internationally.

Lets hope that it has a similar impact on Indian audiences as well.



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