John Makes Force Work

There are few actors in Bollywood that have a stigma of not being able to perform well when they are given solo roles. John Abraham has been living up with this for really long time now. Of course, John had a good start with Jism which was his solo debut with Bipasha and that one of the rare movies where Bipasha and John both worked the magic and made Jism a blockbuster hit. However, after that nothing really worked for John as all his solo movies like Saaya, Aetbaar, Paap, Karam and No Smoking never hit the box office record. force john abraham

If you take a quick look at John’s career graph you will find that most of his hits are multistarrers like Dhoom, Kaal, Garam Masala, Taxi Number 9211, Dostana, New York, and 7 Khoon Maaf. Many critics still claim that John Abraham is not a complete actor because he cannot handle his movie solo and needs some kind of support in form of other popular actors that can make the movie work. However, this time John has proved it that he can still manage to get solo hits with Force.

The movie has managed to earned 16 crore in the first weekend itself and is really going strong. The audiences are loving the action scenes and the captivating drama that unfolds as the movie moves ahead. In fact, Force is the biggest opener for John in solo performance till date. None of the other movies in the past have received such tremendous response. It looks like audiences are loving to watch John taking off his shirt like Salman and kicking the bad guys hard. The extra hard work that John did on his muscular body is finally paying off as many people are going in to watch John battling the baddies with all the force.

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