Jungle Schedule A Tough Job For Neil

Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh is shooting for his upcoming movie which is also a romantic thriller named ‘Shortcut Romeo’. He in the beginning enjoyed shooting the action sequences of the film that was held in the jungles of Kenya. He later on admitted that shooting action sequences in a jungle is really a tough job. The shooting of the jungle part was in Masai Mara which is a game reserve in south – western Kenya. It is a large natural reserve perfect to give the film the Jungle – Feel it needs.

The actor tweeted about his experience of the shooting in jungle and said he had to crawl for the action sequences in the jungle. The actor said in his tweet that he had hundreds of thorns in his hand and was surprised how the wild animals never got pricked. The 30 – year – old actor seemed to have a tough time shooting in the jungle.

Sunil Ganeshan is both the director and producer of the upcoming film ‘Shortcut Romeo’ which is a remake of the Tamil film ‘Thiruttu Payale’ which released in 2006. In this film Puja Gupta plays the lady love of Neil and we will see Ameesha in the negative role this time. Recently Neil Nitin Mukesh was seen in a multi – starrer movie ‘Players’ along with Bobby Deo,l Abhishek Bachchan and others. ‘Players’ was all about mastermind strategy behind a grand theft and revenge.

More tweets from Neil about his jungle experience were found in the social networking site. One said about his experience when they had to hurry back to their safari carriages as a group of ten lioness came out to hunt for antelopes. The actor said that all his pain from the thorns vanished after seeing this.

The actor will also be giving his voice for a song in the film as he has earlier done in his movie ‘Aa Dekhe Zara’ and ‘Jail’.

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