Kamal lost 20 pounds and 20 years

New Delhi: For his new role, Kamal had to work hard and shed some of those extra pounds. The actor managed to lose 20, and he looks 20 years younger. For Kamal’s latest film, which will be directed by Selvaraghvan, the actor will star next to actress Anushka, who got the lead feminine role. The film will be produced by Aascar Films, and not been given a title just yet.

The news spreading around is that Kamal will be playing the role of a terrorist. When thinking of terrorists in films, we imagine thick beards, long hair, moustaches, but Kamal will be portraying a different kind of terrorist, the kind who looks like a medical rep, not the least unusual in the real life.

Kalaignani is the best when it comes to putting on and dropping several pounds. Kamal had to lose 20 pounds for the role in his film, and he also managed to dropped 20 years out of his 60. All those who have seen Kamal’s new look are excited and say that he looks great.

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