Kannada action hero- Duniya Vijay- Biography and Filmography

Introduction:Vijay is a single star in the glittering sky of Karnatak film industry who is also known as Duniya Vijay,  Black Cobra, and Kari Chirathe.

Kannada actor Dunia Vijay

Kannada actor Dunia Vijay

But like a real star, he is a self made person who struggled hard to make a mark of his own existence in the filmy world.  His personal life is peaceful and content with his wife and three children whom he adores. Despite being a super star, Vijay remains down to earth and always associated with common people’s problems. This one of the many reasons, why Kannada people adore Vijay like an angel.

Career in Kannada Film Industry: Fans call Vijay, smart, drop dead gorgeous talented, and hot actor with strong sex-appeal..He is a super star and his name is saleable in entire southern cinema industry.Starting his career very early as a junior artist, Vijay  performed very remarkable roles.

With his first movie Dunia released in 2006, he became so famous that even today people love to call him Duniya Vijay. The movie was based on action romance and made great sale at box office from 2006 to 2007. It was a low budget movie of merely 80 laks but made a business of almost 12 crores.

Dunia also established Vijay as a hero of stunts and real action from where he never needed to look back.

For his incredible performance in different roles, Vijay was awarded as best actor by the Karnataka state government. Yuga was another proof of his excellence in the field of acting. Again his stunts were most acclaimed and next movie Chanda was proved to be another milestone in Kannada pictures. Despite some disputes related to his third movie “Chanda,” Vijay continued to enjoy a huge backup from his fans. Avva, an adult movies by Kavitha Lankesh ‘Junglee’ with Aindrita Ray  were also noted due to his acting so much so that God of South Indian film industry, Rajnikanth also saw the movie twice and met the hero personally. Today, Vijay enjoys being at the state of a superstar with the blessings of his favorite Rajnikanth and almost equal in riches.


Year Movie Remark Special
2005 – Chappale It was a very remarkable movie in Kannada film industry.  
  Yuga Super Hit  
2006 Dunia Based on action romance and made great sale at box office from 2006 to 2007.  People started calling this actor as Duniya Vijay. Total cost 80 Lakhs, total income 12 crore
  Chanda The movie remained in disputes yet proved good. Chanda  established Vijay as a non-beatable star of the South.
  Slum Bala Average  
  Avva Flop  
  Kari Chirathe hit 50 days
  Veerabahu The movie proved to be just an average at box office  
  Junglee   It remained in cinema halls for 100 days
  Devru   50 days in cinema halls
2009 Taakath   50 days
2009 Kolkata    
2009 Shankar IPS Average Shankar IPS  showed Vijay in his true brave stunts onscreen.
2011 Kanteerava Average  
2011 Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam good Remained in market for 100 days
2011 Jarasandha releasing  
  Bheema Theeradalli Releasing on May 12 Vijay is in lead role


  • 2007 – Yuga  and Duniya  were his initial movies which established Vijay as an actor in Karnataka. Same year,  Chanda  established Vijay as a non-beatable star of the South. Tangiya Mane also proved noteworthy.
  • In 2008-09, Thaakath, Devru, and Junglee, Slum Bala were released. Though Avva was a flop, Junglee remained in cinema halls for around 100 days and Vijay remained in good limelight as an actor.
  • In 2010 – Shankar IPS  showed Vijay in his true brave stunts onscreen.
  • In 2011, Vijay has been in news for Kanteerava, Jarasandha and Veerabahu. Also, Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam  is leading reviews in Bangalore film industry.

    Best actor of Kannada cinema

    Best actor of Kannada cinema

Upcoming movies:

Vijay’s upcoming movies are –“Snehitharu”, –“Leader,” –“ Kariya I Love You, “ “Kaveri Loves Kariya,” And –“Putta” which are in Kannada and will be released next year. Leader is going to release in Aug 2012 in which Vijay is sharing screen with Adithya. Vijay is also acting in a movie RajniKanth and this too will release in 2012 with his another movie Johny 2.- Rajani Kanth  ( Kannada ).

This month fans of Vijay can see him in Jarasandha  in which Vijay will appear with Pranitha. The movies is going to hit silver screen on 11 November.

Called as the Sandal wood  Rajnikanth of Kannada filmy world. He is loved by people not only for his role onscreen but also for his charity works and kind help to poor and needy people which make him a real star of virtues.

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