Kay Kay Menon gets bitten and turns all red

Bitan: Some upsetting news regarding actor Kay Kay Menon who apparently got injured during a shot. From what we have been able to find out it seems that the actor regrets that he has participated at the shooting for the film in Indonesia as he was bitten by some nasty Shadflies. The actor Kay Kay Menon simply turned blue and red, literally after the bites suffered. Apparently the filming for the scene which took place in Bitan was meant for his forthcoming movie production called ‘Bheja Fry 2’.

The local insects guilty of bothering the Bollywood actor are rather renamed in that part of the town for being quite the nuisance. According to our source the actor was simply relaxing after a hard scene he had and all of the sudden he managed to get bitten by the insects. Initially he thought that they were simply mosquitoes, but the following morning he realized that his whole body was covered by the red spots. In spite of the fact that he used several bottles of antiseptic lotion, the spots remained the same.

But things were not left like that as a local line producer recommended the Bollywood actor Kay Kay Menon what to use in order to get better and so everything turned out to be ok. A local line producer on the sets of the film Bheja Fry 2 offered to help the actor with his problem and got bottles of Autaan, which is a sandfly repellant and strongly recommended its use. After this incident using the repellent became a staple on the sets, wanted to add our source from the sets of the film.

The film ‘Bheja Fry 2’ is produced by Mukul Deora and stars the following super stars Kay Kay Menon, Minissha Lamba, Amol Gupte and Suresh Menon.

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