Kingfisher calendar to be unveiled by Salman Khan

This Saturday a new launch will be occurring: the second unveil of Kingfisher’s calendar by none other than famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan. The hunk feels honored and glad once again to be the one launching the calendar.

Salman Khan had only the nicest things to say about Vijay Mallya when announcing that he would not miss the event for anything in the world.

The calendar was shot by well known photographer Atul Kasbekar. He and six top swimsuit models flew to Le-touessork in Mauritius, near the location where the first calendar was shot in 2003. The tourism authority allowed the crew to shoot in several wonderful locations, which include the Casela Nature Park and Chamarel. Cheetahs, zebras and lions were co-stars of the calendar, alongside models. In the background, volcanic areas offer incredible sights.

Siddharth Mallya, owner of Kingfisher airlines, liked the selection of models, and said that winner Angela Johnson reflects the quality behind the company.

We are all very curious to see what the calendar brings this time.

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