Legendary Shammi Kapoor’s demise shocks Bollywood

The rock and roll hero of Bollywood film industry, the evergreen Shamsher Raj Kapoor or popularly known as Shammi Kapoor, left everybody puzzled by his sudden demise.

An era has passed; an epic written again—with his name, his milestone movies and the imprints of his acting over the entire Hindi cinema—that can be seen all over. Many actors copy him to show vibrant role, some follow his styles to look more involved in their role and for millions, Shammi remains as an unbeaten stamp.His advent occurred when Hindi cinema was dominated by expressions through facial moves, but Shammi’s Elvis Presley style brought a revolution. He was the first dancing star of Mumbai film world and he remained unbeaten for years ahead.

Shammi kapoor was the first person from Mumbai film industry to join social network Twitter and by doing this his compuer enthusiasm proved him a symbol of renaissance in India.


Despite going through regular dialysis and being wheelchair bound, there was no dearth of energy in Shammi Kapoor. At the age of 79, he remained most active on Twitter and carried on his virtual ecstasy by invite young actresses like Deepika Padukone for coffee.

Born  in Mumbai on 21 October 1931 in family of Prithvi Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor appeared in fil industry with more responsibities over head as it was natural for people to set a niche for him and compare with his family legends. Being brother of “showman” Raj Kapoor made it more difficult indeed.

Shammi Kapoor never regretted being compared with Raj Kapoor, who was a milestone for acting and direction and made it a point to be totally different in showcasing his own talent.

Shammi was seen first time on screen as a  a junior artiste first time in 1948. In 1953 he was launched with the debut film ‘Jeevan Jyoti, in which Shammi was made to look like a replica of Raj Kapoor.

He appeared with look completely similar to Raj Kapoor in following pictures like  ‘Shama Parvana,  ‘Memsaheb,’ ‘Chor Bazaar’, ‘, ‘Hum Sab Chor Hain’, and ‘Miss Coca Cola.’  It was only much later in 1957, when Shammi actually got a chance to appear as a different personality in a movie —

‘Tumsa Nahin Dekha and with this his life changed and he never turned back.

The legendary actor is no more between us, but his remembrance, his style and his legendary personality will always stay in the Hindi cinema industry.

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