Madhur Bhandarkar steps out of his comfort zone

Mumbai: Anyone who has worked in the B-town film industry knows that stepping out of one’s comfort zone is not that easy to achieve. But the actor Madhur Bhandarkar is willing to do just that and take a chance in another genre of film production. Usually the actor was been seen only in movies which are focused on contemporary issues.

But now he has stated that he will take his change on a romantic comedy. In a recent interview, the B-town star admits that this was indeed a big risk to take, but he feels quite confident of doing so. Even more he is more than sure that the viewers will like ‘Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji’ just as much as they loved all of his other movies.

In the same interview he wanted to add that he really feels that the movie production will do very well at the box office. He admitted that he decided to take the advice of his colleagues in the Bollywood entertainment industry and star in a romantic comedy.

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