Manoj Tiwari lost to Ashmit

Actor Manoj Tiwari is very under the weather in the last days due to the fact that he has lost to an unpopular actor. In his opinion the two persons to blame for his exit are Salman and Arbaaz Khan. In a recent interview the Bollywood star Manoj Tiwari stated that he can’t simply accept that he lost in front of an actor with a much lower popularity than his. He also said that the reason for his lost and Ashmit’s winning was the support of Arbaaz Khan.

It seems that Manoj was very upset due to the fact that Arbaaz has been leading quite a campaign for Ashmit on the internet social entertainment site Twitter. Furthermore, Manoj said that he simply cannot understand how at the first counting of the votes he had 70,000 and Ashmit only 5,000, and still Ashmit was the winner. He simply doesn’t get hoe this big gap was bridged all of a sudden.

Manoj is more than sure that the show is scripted because he simply could not lose to Ashmit.

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