Medvedev coming to see Raj Kapoor

The Bollywood veteran actor Raj Kapoor is about to warm up the cold country and revive its romance, with a little help. The actor will be welcoming none other than the president of Russia himself, Dmitry Medvedev. The president will soon find the time and come to Bollywood to visit the sets of a film, in Mumbai.

The visit will be happening next week, and the president has announced his enthusiasm for this trip. As Alexander Kadakin, the Ambassador of Russia stated, India is a superpower in the film industry, and Raj Kapoor is a huge star not only in India, but in Russia as well. The actor appears to have many fans in the old country.

Medvedev will arrive to Mumbai on Tuesday, and will be staying for two days. Wednesday, the president will be visiting a film studio, and meet with some of the biggest stars Bollywood has known.

Bollywood films are very popular in Russia, and Raj Kapoor and Nargis were real icons in this country, especially after the successful films “Awara” and “Shri 420”.

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