Mehesh Manjrekar gets stylish for Ready

New Delhi: The famous filmmaker and actor in Bollywood, Mahesh Manjrekar is known by all his fans for his casual look, somewhat unkempt, in all the films he played until now. This time, we get to see the actor with a more sophisticated air, as he will play a businessman in Anees Bazmee’s film, “Ready”.

Mahesh will be wearing three piece suits, with stylish glasses and vibrant ties, will be freshly shaved and will have perfectly arranged hair. His new role is completely different than all the other parts we have seen him in, so getting used to this new Mahesh will be tricky. However, the film announces to be a success, and fans are very eager to see the new Mahesh.

We remember best Mahesh from his role in “Slumdog Millionaire”, where he played the part of a local don. In “Wanted”, we could see him as a corrupt policeman, while in “Dabangg” he portrayed an alcoholic. Being a nicely freshened up businessman does seem like a challenge after all these.

“Ready” will be released on June 3rd.

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