New Movie on R D Burman’s Life

Have you noticed something similar when you watch different movies these days? Well, if you haven’t you should start noticing that most of the new movies that are being released in the market are inspired by real events. Directors are already running out of imagination for some better scripts and therefore now they are trying to blend their left over imagination with a little bit of truth. Believe it or not, but in the last few years there have been more movies that are based on real events and you can see that disclaimer coming up before the movie begins. Vinay_Pathak

In some way it does work today because people want to see the real story like No One Killed Jessica and Not A Love Story and many more. However, Eros International is now going the same way but differently as they will now make their new movie which is inspired from the real life events of legendary music composer R. D. Burman. This is definitely going to garner a lot of attention because R.D. Burman has remained one of the best music composers in Indian film industry and the next generation audiences would definitely find it interesting to know more about the life struggle and some behind the scenes events that is still unknown.

The movie produced by Eros International and directed by Soumik Sen will have Vinay Pathak in the lead role as R. D. Burman. The team has already registered the title R.D. with the Motion Picture Association. However, in the movie Vinay Pathak will have his name as Rahul Dev Dutta to ensure that no sentiments are hurt. Currently, SaReGaMa and Universal Music holds the rights to all songs by R.D. Burman which will be purchased by Eros International for this movie and it will be infused in the movie at the right time.

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