Praitek flaunting at Sunburn

Goa: Prateik Babbar surely enjoyed to the full his well deserved and long awaited vacation for the end of the year, and spent some quality time in Goa, away from his everyday worries. He was seen with a grungier look the other day, wearing a lungi, black nail polish and his hair down, just strolling around peacefully.

The reason why the actor was in Goa was to attend the Sunburn music festival. Many people were talking about this very popular festival, and Prateik decided he just had to check it out. So he took some time off from the promotion of his newest film, “Dhobi Ghat”, and took off.

The Bollywood actor was seen half naked at the music festival, according to a source, and did not show any signs of the shyness he usually shows. It seems he really got the spirit of Sunburn! The actor was reportedly seen socializing with everyone present there, which came as a surprise knowing his usual self.

This makes us wonder if it was more to it than just taking the time to relax. Has the actor been trying out…new things?

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