Ra.One beats 3 Idiots in Satellite war

Finally Shahrukh Khan has got one over Aamir Khan when it comes to movies and not taking verbal potshots at each other. Ra.One being his dream production, Shahrukh is trying to leave no stone unturned to make it a super hit movie. Recently he was in news for getting UK based band The Prodigy to produce the background music for Ra.One along with getting a video game developed based on the characters of the movie.

This time he has gone a step ahead and sold the satellite rights of Ra.One for Rs 40 crore which is the highest amount of money paid for the satellite rights in Bollywood. And by doing so he has beaten the record set by Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots whose satellite rights were brought for a whopping Rs 36 crore.

According to sources Ra.One is going to be the costliest made till date in Bollywood due to its state of art technology and graphics. Also several international celebrities are also a part of this project which gives it even more chutzpah and glamour. If one goes by the amount of money pumped in to this movie it is surely going to be the most anticipated movie of the year.


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