‘Ra.One’ might have some parts in 3D

Mumbai: The Bollywood super star SRK is very ambitious regarding his upcoming project ‘Ra.One’. This super hero flick is directed by Anubhav Sinha and will include a few stunts in 3D which are about to woo the younger viewers, but at the same time will not compromise at all the acting part.

In a recent interview the super star of Bollywood, King Khan told reporters that “Some part of the film we are trying to do in 3D and Primefocus is doing that for us. They have a technology with which after you have shot the film, it could be converted into 3D.” the actor and producer was present at the first trailer at IMAX Wadala on Tuesday. He continued by saying that “But there are reservations on it because you know that we have to shoot that with different cameras…..the same trailer, actually in a matter of fact, we are going to check out in few days and if it comes out well, then parts of the film I would like to do in 3D as it would attract the younger audience.”

SRK wanted to make it clear that those scenes will look as good as acting. He really believes that 3D movies should be filmed in a different way. In spite of the fact that the flick in question was scheduled to have a Diwali release, the super star made the decision to start the promotion for it much ahead of time in order to offer the audience some insight to what they should expect to see.

“I have started promoting the film from January, almost five months ago. The first ad came out on 3rd January. We know superheroes through comics or stories or if we take from mythology then we knew who was Karna, who was Abhimanyu? In our country we don’t have any such character, which we could chose for our film,” told SRK.

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