Rahman wins with ‘127 Hours’

Mumbai: One of the most talented Indian music producers, none other than A R Rahman can count another award in his collection. This time the talented music composer has won the Critics’ Choice Award for his contribution in the film production called ‘127 Hours’. The song who managed to win this prestigious price was composed by Dido and Rollo Armstrong, and was performed by Rahman and Dido.

The film is a biography that presents the life of the famous mountain climber called Aron Ralston. Voices in the industry have stated that this particular song is so good that there are many chances that will bring Rahman a Golden Globe this year. In the project ’127 Hours’ also took part the famous Boyle who managed to obtain eight Oscars for his last picture ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

However, Rahman was not the big winner of the night, as he lost in a big category to the picture that present the life of the founder of Facebook. This production won best film, best director and best adapted script.

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