Rajat Kapoor is back!

Rajat Kapoor was rather neglected in the last weeks. People remember him as the stressed out host in the film “Bheja Fry”, or as the pedophile with a sinister twist in the film “Monsoon Wedding”. The actor has not been in the spot lights in a while, and now he has come forward to talk about the kind of roles he most enjoys. The versatile actor, who is also a director, says he takes most pleasure in playing substantial roles in small budget films, and that small roles in big movies do not tempt him the least.

The 49 years old actor has just finished shooting for the new film “Phas Gaye Re Obama”. His fans were very eager to see his new film, as the variety of characters he has portrayed in his career is spectacular and has brought him the liking of critics alongside fame and popularity. “Phas Gaye Re Obama” was critically acclaimed and exceptionally received by public. He has also directed several movies, starting with “Tarana”, “Raghu Romeo”, “Mixed Doubles” and last “Mithya”.

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