Rajinikanth still sick

Chennai: Many health concerns from fans all over the world are mounting for the Indian celebrity Rajinikanth. In these past 14 days, the super star has been brought twice to the hospital. Besides his family the fans are also praying for the fast recovery of the actor. There have also been reports that his 120 Cr magnum work Rana could be shelved.  You can surely remember his last year production where we could see the celebrity in a double role. That flick was a super hit, so you can imagine that Rana, where we can see the super star in a triple role, was expected to surpass every prediction.


The multilingual movie was released on floors on the 29th of April as scheduled, and in the same day the super star Rajinikanth was admitted
to ST. Isabel’s hospital in Chennai. The reason was apparently a bronchitis and dehydration. Rajinikanth’s wife Latha Rajinikanth told reporters that “He was feeling a little uncomfortable, he was a little disturbed in the stomach. We personally felt that he needs to be brought to hospital and tested. The doctors said let him rest for a while.”

In spite of assurances from the family and the doctors as well, the celebrity was at the hospital until May 10 for about a week. However on the date of May 13th,  the super star Rajinikanth was admitted again to hospital again, but this time he went to Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre at Porur. The celebrity is apparently suffering from gastro intestinal and respiratory problems.

Although Rajnikanth is still admitted to the hospital, the first schedule of Rana – which also includes a song featuring actress Deepika Padukone – has already been canceled. The director of the movie production, KS Ravikumar hopes to have the actor back on the sets by July at the time of the when the second schedule of the movie.

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