Ranbir and Sidharth Mallya pal up

Mumbai: The latest rumors all over the film industry of tinsel town are related to the relationship that has started to appear between Ranbir and JR Mallya. The two well known Bollywood celebrities have been seen exchanging words at the marriage of Imran Khan. As many of you may know by now, it has been said that Siddharth was dating the beautiful actress Deepika Padukone for quite some time now.

Many have said that, when it comes to issues of affection, Siddharth is quite a complete sport. A source has said to us that in spite of the fact that Ranbir does not have many friends, the actor believes that Siddharth is “a really chilled out gentlemen”. As we have hears, both of them really like all sorts of vehicles and gadgets and they take great pleasure from the very same activities.

Considering all of the things the two have in common, is no wonder that the two super stars from the tinsel town film industry can get along so great.

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