Ranbir Directs Few Scenes for Rockstar

We all know that Ranbir is really good at his performances and he can stand and deliver some awesome acting talent that comes to him naturally since he belongs from a family that has been entertaining Bollywood for decades now. However, Ranbir is equally good when it comes to be on the other side of the camera. Well, not many people know that Ranbir was initially an assistant to Sanjay Leela Bhansali when the well known director was directing Black. Hence, Ranbir definitely knows the behind the scenes situations and knows how to handle the direction job as well. ranbir rockstar

Although, Ranbir has never tried to go behind the camera after his films began to become hits. However, it was during the shooting of Rockstar that Imtiaz was stuck with a problem and he called in Ranbir for the help. In one of the scenes in the movie which is being shot in Verona, Italy Imtiaz Ali and his entire team was shooting a complicated scene and needed all staff support. Imtiaz Ali also wanted to capture the same scene from the sky at the very same time to make the scene look more realistic. However, the problem was that the director could not be in two different places at the same time.

This is why Imtiaz Ali decided that Ranbir should be given the chance to direct the sky scene. Ranbir has always been helpful and therefore he decided that he will handle the direction from the chopper although he has a fear of heights. Ranbir got into the chopper along with international DOP which would shoot the scene as per the direction of Ranbir and when the results came in Imtiaz and the crew was happy with the results. Well, it looks like that this was just the beginning of Ranbir’s behind the scenes career.

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