Ranbir Kapoor near tragedy

New Delhi: The Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor has gone through a horrible experience, being in a near death situation. The actor has just narrowly escaped a serious accident, happened during the shootings for the film “Rockstar” by Imtiaz Ali, in Pahalgam. Ranbir skipped on the snow.

According to an eye witness, everyone in the crew was simply shocked. The snowmobile Ranbir was driving simply skidded out of control, and no one knows how it happened. It came unexpected and very sudden.

During the shooting, Ranbir was not performing a stunt or anything of that sort, so witnessing the accident shocked everyone. Considering that it was simply a normal sequence, this should not have happened. The ice was treacherous though, and under the circumstances, no one knows what could happen.

Ranbir got up on hos feet immediately, and doesn’t have one scratch. Although Imtiaz Ali wanted to cancel the shooting at once, the actor insisted it was alright and wanted to continue. Of course, Ranbir had to wrap up fast to get to Mumbai, for Barfee.

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