Ranbir Kapoor to restore the RK

Mumbai: It is a well known fact that the production house PK founded by Raj Kapoor has produced many successful films such as ‘Aag’, ‘Shri 420’, ‘Awaara’ which have managed to become over years the most popular trendsetters. When his son took over the business, the production house went on a downstream after the commercial failure of the flick ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalen’.

But now, the rumors in the film industry of tinsel town are that Ranbir Kapoor will restore the production house and will turn it around. The buzz is that for the very first time, there has been an agreement between the elder of the Kapoor family that Ranbir will run the studio.

In spite of the fact that Rishi Kapoor has made a few attempts to turn it around – even by getting involved in the directing process with the ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalen’ – he did not managed to succeed. Nor did the others Kapoor brothers managed to do well. We hope that Ranbir will be the best choice.

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