Ranveer Singh, B-Town’s New Serial Kisser

Actor Ranveer Singh is being referred to as the new “Casanova” and “serial kisser” in Bollywood. Riding high on the success of his last release Band Baaja Baaraat; which hit the right chords among the audiences and made Ranveer Singh a household name and a star over night. The pairing of Ranveer Singh and his Band Baaja Baaraat co-star, Anushka Sharma too became immensely popular among the audiences.

Here they are together again in Yash Raj Film’s next release Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. Ranveer Singh plays the central protagonist in the film. He is actually plays a Casanova and a perfect conman who charms his way into a women’s heart, so it’s no wonder that the reputation has rubbed off on to him aswell.

He went on a kissing spree at the music launch of Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl along with his co-star Anushka Sharma and director of the movie Maneesh Sharma. Ranveer Singh, who plays the Ricky Bahl in the movie, is quite popular among his female fans and is a heart-throb of millions was there to steal kisses and charm his way into the women’s heart. He seemed to be over-courteous with his female fans which seem to be increasing by the day. He obliged his lady fans by dolling out kisses and expecting from them in return.

Ranveer Singh has even had an impact on his co-star Anushka Sharma. She is virtually singing paeans for Ranveer as the actress once said in an interview, “I have a lot respect for Ranveer, and he inspires me. He is so driven as an actor. He is passionate about what he wants to do. I have genuine fondness for Ranveer”. “I think we are very good together when we are on screen. Hopefully, this time also people will appreciate our chemistry. Although I feel chemistry is not created by actors but by script and character,” she said in addition to that.

Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma too have been linked together and their on and off relationship has been in the gossip world for quite some time now. But neither of them have actually accepted it. They go on denying it and say that it is just on a professional level. They are doing films together and it won’t be a big deal if you see them hanging around together. They had a hot and steamy kiss in the end of the movie, Band Baaja Baaraat. They even kiss in this movie, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. It seems that a lot of other stuffs too are going on between them but no one is actually ready to accept it so far.

Ranveer Singh is a charmer too and his charm in not just restricted to women only. Recently when Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma went on the Amitabh Bachchan’s popular show, Kaun Banega Crorepati for the promotion of their latest movie Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, Ranveer Singh vowed the audiences and Bachchan Sahib himself by reciting the dialogue “mere pass maa hai” from Bachchan Sahib’s yesteryear film, Deewar. It didn’t stop there he even danced to the hugely popular song “Jhumma Chumaa” of Bachchan Sahib and entertained the audiences. Amitabh Bachchan himself was really impressed with new chap’s confidence and energy level.

Ranveer Singh is definitely not a one film wonder. Ranveer Singh in a recent interview said that he is into script writing aswell and might come up with a movie based on the script of his own. He even has assisted many directors before becoming an actor, so he knows about film making. Ranveer Singh is youthful and he is talented and he’s definitely here to stay.


  1. Payal says:

    Aaah Ranveer Singh!! What can I say?! The boy has it… that sex appeal that no white man can exude, that naughtiness in his eyes that no SRK or Salman can fashion and a body that I’d like to cover with chocolate syrup and then lick clean. I just saw a video of his where he’s dancing to Salman Khan’s crassy dhinka-chikka crap song at some school function. What did it for me though, was Ranveer cupping his backside and gyrating it. I absolutely love this man’s ass, its big, not boney like the other samples out there, it’s muscular and it fills his jeans amply. He then proceeded to take his shirt off, beneath which he was wearing a flimsy vest that was drenched in his sweat… ooh-aah-ooh-aah, my loins were on fire! Lifting his arms, flexing his biceps, showing the crowds his armpits, which were lusciously covered in thick black foliage, the type that can only be found on a 20-something year old man/boy… everything was just perfection! Even the stubble on his chest (yes I noticed it) was turning me on. And then came the Ricky Bahl music video (I fogot its name), same vest, same pair of blue jeans and damn it, he’s got a wet sponge in his hand that he’s squeezing over himself. Now at this point of time I was convinced that there was some massive internet conspiracy going on, that wanted me to orgasm in my pants, but I had to put logic into it all and conclude that it was only my lust that was to blame.
    His bodys hot, but then so are so many other bods out there. What is it then that makes this hunk of beef so ooh-la-la? It’s the perfect blend! I like to think of Ranveer as a new world wine that has been grown using the vines of French Rotschild grapes. He has the height, the personality and whatever else a HERO in Bollywood needs, but it’s that groundedness, that ghaatiness that comes out when he dances, the confidence, the youth, the poshness thanks to a degree in America, that long nose, those big white teeth (bleached), those bushy, big eyebrows, that million watt smile, that perfect hue of caramel coloured skin, those long tresses of hair, that are poker straight, beautiful yet fashionable and those perfectly nickel-sized nipples that perk up and shrink in size when he’s cold and drenched. He’s a whole bunch of things rolled into one and the ‘blend’ of it is what’s appealing. Youth meets good-looks, meets raw sex, meets feminine gentleness, meets muscles that are not dehydratingly toned. There’s that little bit of meat to the dude, that makes you wanna squeeze him, sneak him into some dodgy mall toilet and… well you get the picture.
    Now only if that Anushka bitch will get with the plan and drop dead!