Rishi Kapoor to Deliver a Lecture on the Functioning of Bollywood in London School of Economics

London: The actor Rishi Kapoor has been invited to deliver a lecture on the functioning of Bollywood in London School of Economics recently. Up till now, only Karan Johar used to get invited to the best schools in Europe and all over the world, to talk about such topics. This is the first time that Rishi Kapoor is getting such a prestigious offer. Looks like, after the immense success of ‘Agneepath’, the actor has another reason to celebrate.

The reason for London School of Economics suddenly taking such a lot of interest in Bollywood’s functioning is the ‘India week’. They are having an entire week to learn and discuss about the various aspects of Indian culture, and their economic side. When we are talking about India, its economy and its culture, can Bollywood be far behind? Apparently not; and this is exactly why London School of Economics has chosen such an experienced and talented actor to speak on the topic.

The actor himself seems to be more than just excited about the offer. He has spent over 30 years in the Indian entertainment industry. So, speaking about this topic is something that he is bound to be excited about. Rishi Kapoor has claimed that it is a huge honour to be selected by such a reputed institution for representing Bollywood. According to the actor, his whole life, he has been living with the identity of being Raj Kapoor’s son, and recently, Ranbir Kapoor’s father. Though, these identities do mean a lot to him, it is very satisfying to be able to do something for his achievements and with his identity alone. London School of Economics allows only the most talented and smart students to be admitted into it. So, talking to a group consisting of such brilliant minds is a perk and a huge honour in itself.

Rishi Kapoor has rightfully said that he will be representing an industry where his family has been wiring for more than three generations. His father, grandfather, uncles and now, even his son, are all part of Bollywood. It is needless to say that his family has made an enormous contribution to this industry and so Bollywood is something that runs in his blood.

This being said, the actor has further stated that he will not be practicing or preparing a specific speech on the topic. For talking about an industry that has been his home and his workplace for 30 years, Rishi Kapoor definitely would not need a script.

The honour of Rishi Kapoor being chosen for such an event is not the actor’s alone. The whole country would no doubt be bathing in his success and will feel proud of his achievement.

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