Riteish to make Marathi movies

Mumbai: There is no news to anyone that the Marathi cinema is having a few difficult times. Apparently the Bollywood celebrity Ritesh Deshmukh has plans to help it by launching his production house that will mainly do movies in his mother language. In a recent interview he stated that “My production company would be called Mumbai Film Company, which would mainly produce Marathi films along with Hindi ones. My debut production would be a Marathi film.”

The 32 years old actor also wanted to add that “I am thinking that I would act in the Marathi film I produce. I am too busy this year so I have kept it for next year.” According to him in other states, the viewers really like to see film in their own language. “In Andhra Pradesh, the first choice is Telugu, in Tamil Nadu it is Tamil movies, in Kerala it is Malayalam, in Karnataka it is Kannada, but in Maharashtra it is Hindi. When you have Rs.100-crore budget and a superstar, it’s a grander experience and you tend to watch it, which is fair enough. In that situation, the survival of a Marathi film becomes really tough,” said the Bollywood super star.

The actor started his career in the film industry of tinsel town in films such as Tujhe Meri Kasam in 2003 and has featured in hits like Masti (2004), Bluffmaster (2005), Malamaal Weekly (2006), Heyy Babyy and Housefull (2010). However, Riteish always said how much he would like to star in a Marathi production. “I am not doing Marathi film for career options. It’s something that I wanted to do. It’s not that I am doing two-three Marathi films a year. I might do one film in two years or one film in my whole career, but I will do it because I know the language.”

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