Robin Padilla in Bollywood film

Mumbai: It seems that the famous Robin Padilla and his wife Mariel Rodriguez have managed to reach an agreement. Apparently they will postpone the moment of becoming parents for at least two years, time in which they intend to focus on their careers in the film industry of tinsel town, but also to enjoy each other company.

Not so long ago, the Bollywood couple their film made in India during the time of their honeymoon trip the past year. Their film is apparently an “ode to love and lovers”. The couple made their announcement to the viewers in a routine that made us think at the classic Dolphy-Panchito shtick. Robin Padilla made his speech in the eloquent Tagalog and wife Mariel made the translation into English.

As for the filming of the movie production, Mariel, which also played the part of the cameraman, stated that “we were inspired during the shoot.” The film is apparently scheduled to air on theaters on the 6th of April and will present to us the beauty of Alipur from India.

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