Rockstar Promo at Ranbir’s Bungalow

There was a time in the history of Indian movies when premier of the movie mattered more than the promotion of the film because there were not many promotional events happening at that time. However, things have changed now and movies are more like a business where promotion plays an important role. Every director is keen on giving out something new to the audiences to ensure they watch the movie and Rockstar by Imtiaz Ali is very much in the hype. So, the director decides to do something different that would make the fans happy, especially Ranbir’s girl fan club. ranbir-rockstar

To gather some huge girl fan crowd and to make sure that the movie goes a bit hit the cast and the crew of the film has decided to have the promotion of the movie at Ranbir’s bungalow Krishna Raj. So, how did they pull this promotion feat? Well, director Imtiaz Ali sent over the trailer to Ranbir’s bungalow and while Ranbir was watching the trailer at his bungalow he found out that there were some girl fans waiting outside the bungalow to catch one glimpse of their rockstar.

Ranbir immediately went outside and found that these were the same girls who usually come outside the bungalow regularly. He also found that the same girls were outside his bungalow even when he was shooting in Kolkata recently. Ranbir immediately had a second thought and he invited the girl fans inside to watch the Rockstar trailer which was really a genuinely good gesture from the real rockstar. The girls were definitely in a happy mood since they got to see their real rockstar in flesh and blood and even watch the trailer of Rockstar movie. Many sources close to Ranbir say that he has an attitude to surprise everybody at all times.

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