Rs 2 Lakh for the eyes of Ajay Devgn

Mumbai: Ajay Devgn reaches the headlines once more. The actor loves sunglasses, and we can easily say that he collects them. Every man with his own thing, right?

Well, wait till you here this! Ajay spend a fortune on just one pair of sunglasses. We are, of course, referring now to the pair he was wearing in “Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji”. The pair of sunglasses was custom made for the actor, out of platinum and gold.

Rumors are that the actor simply fell in love with that pair, and thus decided to keep the shades for himself. When the shootings for Madhur Bhandarkar’s film ended, Anna Singh, Ajay’s stylist, sourced the sunglasses and the actor bought them, for a fair price.

Anna stated that she had to make a special order from a manufacturer in Italy, and bought two pairs for a price that exceeded two lakh for each. The actor will have them for a while, though, as the glasses are not only waterproof and handcrafted, they are also bulletproof and unbreakable.


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