Saif helps Deepika

Mumbai: During the shooting of a scene, Deepika Padukone was required to make a perfect round rotis, but unfortunate for her, she failed. As she was not able to bring it to a perfect shape, her co-star in the movie, none other than Saif Ali Khan, came to her rescue. The Bollywood super star helped the beautiful actress in this hard kitchen recipe.

Deepika even required the director to chance it from the menu, as she could not do it, but Prakash Jha did not even want to consider it. “I was so embarrassed, I can totally cook, but roti is a challenge. As with life, the most simplest of things sometimes get to be a hardest to master,” said Deepika Padukone.

When Saif Ali Khan saw just how embarrassed was Deepika Padukone he jumped in. when asked about it, Saif Ali Khan said “It was interestingly funny, reminded me of the scene in ‘Kaalia’ where Amitji helps Parveen Babiji to make an egg. Thank god, it wasn’t an egg for Deepika.”

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