Saif in controversy movie

Mumbai: The Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan managed to change a few perspectives after his part in the movie ‘Aarakshan’. He admitted that
the role was indeed challenging and it took a lot of hard work. In a recent interview the super star said that the film managed to change his perspective regarding reservation policies as know he really think that they should exist.

Saif Ali Khan was quoted saying that “When I got this movie, I was completely against reservations. I felt that things should be done on merit. That was my first thought, but after having done the movie, I realized that there is another side to it, which is that most people in our country are very underprivileged and they have no chance in life.”


Even more, the actor added that “It’s not like you can get a job without passing the exam. So even if 10-20 percent of the backward classes
manage to get an education, it is good. So after doing this film, I have altered my mind on reservations to quite an extent. I think it should exist, but to what extent and what percentage that is debatable.”

The movie in question directed by Prakash Jha is scheduled to be released in August and it is a drama which presents the caste-based reservations in educational institutions and government jobs. Besides Saif, the movie will also be starring Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Manoj Bajpayee and Prateik Babbar.

In spite of the fact that the actor is very excited about his part in the film, ‘Aarakshan’ has already started to stir things up. In fact the director got a letter from the Dalit Suraksha Samiti, which is protesting against the description of Saif as a Dalit.

Saif commented “It’s become a habit now to raise a voice on things. Sometimes the protests have relevance and a point, but sometimes it is unnecessary. It is difficult to keep everyone happy. It’s a wrong thing that without watching the film, an objection has been raised. When
they see the film, they will be happy.”

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