Saif learning kickboxing

When the news about the King Khan going the extra mile for “Ra.One”, Sharukh Khan’s action film which is announcing to be a real hit, Saif Ali Khan thought to himself: ‘Why shouldn’t I do the same?’ The next thing we know is that Saif is now working hard for his own production, “Agent Vinod”.

Saif Ali Khan is now taking advanced lessons on kickboxing in Goa and Mumbai. His professor in kickboxing is the one and only Ziauddin Khatib, the three times champion. The actor has been training for two or three hours every day.

The champion Ziauddin talked to the press, and stated that the actor has done a great job and has been training hard and very conscious. Though he had many things to do, he also managed to come in time every day. Saif did even more than it was needed, and learned sparring to help with the fights. Going tough, are you Saif?

Directed by Sriram Raghavan, the blockbuster “Agent Vinod” is expected to be released in May.

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