Saif lost his iPod

These last few days have not been the best ones for the Bollywood super star and actor Saif Ali Khan. He is more than upset because he managed to lose his iPod. The actor is not necessary upset because of the iPod itself, but mostly because he had on it lots of important information.

Sources state that apparently the actor Saif Ali Khan had documented his schedules for his pictures, but also a lot more information about which he did not want to say what it was. However he mentioned that he did not even think about doing a backup to these data.

Even though he is very upset for losing his details, he hopes that he will managed to get them back, or at least that the data will not be leaked to the press or used in any other wrong way. In a recent interview the Bollywood actor said that he will have to start all over again to get something for which he had worked very hard for.

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