Salman blushes because of Asin

Mumbai: These past few days both of them, Salman Khan and Asin have been quite busy as they are shooting for their latest film called ‘Ready’. The heat really made it uncomfortable for all the crew to do the shooting, but they managed to finish the scenes without any problems. Even the actor Salman Khan who is known for his temperamental character managed to work in a professional manner.

The scene where the characters played by Salman and Asin got married was really hard, but Salman kept his cool until the end of it. As they finished shooting the particular scene, Salman hurried to his personal van were he got out of the weeding suit and changed into shorts and a t-shirt.

A source from the set’s of the film told us that Asin made a joke that the actor is already getting read of the bandhan by showing the dupatta which was tied between the bride and groom. Everybody present laughed at the joke, and Salman was seen blushing.

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